Fun Facts About Bonaire


Bonaire, an island you will love. The people you will find here are friendly, warm welcoming and will greet you with a smile. Nature is something that is amazing, diverse and in all, the home of many animals and birds like flamingos. Besides, it is idyllic but raw surrounded by the Caribbean Sea although its desert-like.


Bonaire is a surprising place. In the island, the roads you will pass, you will share with animals. Here, you can find fun facts about Bonaire:


Hilarious Traffic


You don’t need to take a bus to visit the place. The best transport is when you have your car or borrow from your friend. Besides, you can find many places that you can hire a scooter all over the Island.


If you get a proper means of visiting the island, you need to watch out iguanas. They have boss attitudes, and you will find them crossing the road. Even animals there become happy when crossing the road. Sometimes you might also meet people walking on the sidewalk.


Hidden Village


After you arrive in the Island, Kralendijk village is the first to see. It is a village you can’t view when you are on the coast or inland. You will only find the village after conquering Bonaire mountains. They cook southern Italian lasagna recipe, which is strange. 


When you are standing in an inland valley, you can’t spot Rincon. It is the oldest village located in Bonaire. It was an initial creation of the Spanish in early 1500. It is well preserved and protected from pirate spoliation or other threats.


Tropical Safari


This Island is perfect for safari. You will find stunning nature reserves and beautiful lakes, colorful birds and amazing views. But, you should note that there are no zebras, elephants or hippos. It won’t be your regular safari, but everything you will see is unique!


Besides, you will find graceful pink flamingos searching for food or cute baby donkeys around the desert-like scenery. The birds are making amazing sounds, and you will be surprised by their colors as they dance in the sky.


Bonaire Song


As early as 1957, someone discovered Bonaire. So, it’s not only us who adore Bonaire. Due to love for the island, he even sang about the island.


White Sand


White Sand may not be new for you, but the island has beautifully soft sand beaches and formed by parrot fish droppings. If you want to dive, you can follow a process and create your incredible beaches.


Conducive Working Environment


The island might be small, but the economy of the place is vibrant. Most of the employment opportunities you will find in this island is tourism although a small group relies on oil or salt transshipment industry. For a foreigner, you will need to have a work permit. Besides, there are licenses for people willing to engage themselves on the island for business.


The only disadvantage in the island is an opportunity for technical or professional careers. However, the main languages used are English and Dutch where most of the employers on the island will require multilingual staff. Spanish and Papiamentu are essential for tourism jobs.